United States Military Budget: The Facts

Hundreds of billions in spending

The national defense budget for FY2020 is $738 billion. This is a $22 billion increase from FY2019.

World's Largest military budget

The U.S. spends more money on its military than the next seven highest-spending nations combined. No other country in the world comes even close to dedicating its finite resources to the military.

Military Spending Competes with Other National Priorities

Spending hundreds of billions on the military makes it more difficult to provide for domestic and diplomatic needs. Just $19.6 billion -- 3% of the amount allocated to the military in FY2020 -- could be used to provide a free lunch for every single K-12 student in the United States.

Militarization Does Not Make Us Safer

Most safety concerns facing the United States cannot be solved using militarization, such as the climate crisis, mass inequality, rising authoritarianism, and systematic injustices. We need a major policy shift in order to reallocate resources towards these issues.