The Elephant in the Room Project is a coalition of peace and justice organizations who want the leading Democratic presidential candidates to talk about the Elephant in the Room – the $738 BILLION United States national defense budget.

The Project aims to influence Presidential candidates to speak about their positions on United States military spending during their appearances in Massachusetts prior to the Democratic primary on March 3. Some candidates have already voiced their support for reducing the military budget, albeit not in much detail. Organizers of the Elephant in the Room Project hope to make the issue of military spending a more centralized topic at upcoming debates and candidate events, and to get the Presidential candidates to thoroughly explain their positions on reducing the military spending, by how much, and how they would reallocate that money.

The Elephant in the Room Project believes it is crucial for candidates to address the United States’ enormous military budget and its consequences including:

  • A weaker nation as we plow billions into defense at the expense of spending on infrastructure, research & development, and job training.
  • An over reliance on the military to address problems better resolved through diplomacy.
  • A huge arms export industry to help subsidize Pentagon military research, development, and procurement.
  • Choosing militarism to achieve national security rather than by addressing the climate crisis, rising authoritarianism, public health concerns, and mass social and economic inequality.